ARCHIVE  (Old shows and works)

MFA Show Documentation

I graduated from SFAI in 2015. Here's what my thesis show looked like.


Various performance, animation, and video experiments from 2013-2015.




Continuing the technique from Fierce Shapes, I had a show in the Diego Rivera Gallery at SFAI in April 2014.  

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Chorus for a Commuter


So far, I have made just one song. Recorded in September 2014. Thanks to Matt and Carl Goldgerg on guitar and bass and shaker.

Fierce Shapes


In 2009, I remember seeing an "arrow" in the negative space of a "Y" in the New York Times.  A couple years later, I was studying typography (falling in love with slab-serif typefaces) and also playing around with a ink-stippling technique.  I wondered if the technique could amplify my newfound fascination with the relationship negative spaces have with written letterforms.  The result of these co-occurring investigations was Fierce Shapes, shown at Gimme! Coffee State Street in Ithaca, NY in October and November 2012.



I return to painting from time to time.  These are some older paintings I made with oil on canvas. Contact me if you want a commission!



Done mostly for Christopher Wolff's Illustration class at TC3, I still like some of these.

Drawing and Design Assignments


I love school. My philosophy is that whatever you put into schoolwork, that's what you'll get out of it.  It's more than just busywork. I put as much effort into my Drawing and Design 1 assignments as I do now in my post-graduate artwork. Here are some examples from that time.

Various Figure Drawings


From 2012-2013, I was in an informal figure drawing group in Ithaca, NY.  Here are some of my favorite selections from that time.

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2012. Acrylic ink on bristol board. 19"x24"