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ARCHIVE  (Old shows and works)

Plan backup the drill the letter the

An installation of hole-punched architectural plans and the confetti from the hole-punching at Embark Gallery in 2016.

Tropaion (painting and installation)
A big painting and installation I did at the end of grad school. I have a few ideas left in this series and may resurrect it one day.

I had a mural at the SFAI Zellerbach Quad briefly. Click for some glamour shots.



Mostly grad school efforts. Some have made appearances at local shows since then. Others are broken and do not exist anymore.


MFA Show Documentation

I graduated from SFAI in 2015. Here's what my thesis show looked like.


Various performance, animation, and video experiments from 2013-2015.




Continuing the technique from Fierce Shapes, I had a show in the Diego Rivera Gallery at SFAI in April 2014.  

Click the image for more!

Chorus for a Commuter


So far, I have made just one song. Recorded in September 2014. Thanks to Matt and Carl Goldgerg on guitar and bass and shaker.

Fierce Shapes


In 2009, I remember seeing an "arrow" in the negative space of a "Y" in the New York Times.  A couple years later, I was studying typography (falling in love with slab-serif typefaces) and also playing around with a ink-stippling technique.  I wondered if the technique could amplify my newfound fascination with the relationship negative spaces have with written letterforms.  The result of these co-occurring investigations was Fierce Shapes, shown at Gimme! Coffee State Street in Ithaca, NY in October and November 2012.



I return to painting from time to time.  These are some older paintings I made with oil on canvas. Contact me if you want a commission!



Done mostly for Christopher Wolff's Illustration class at TC3, I still like some of these.

Drawing and Design Assignments


I love school. My philosophy is that whatever you put into schoolwork, that's what you'll get out of it.  It's more than just busywork. I put as much effort into my Drawing and Design 1 assignments as I do now in my post-graduate artwork. Here are some examples from that time.

Various Figure Drawings


From 2012-2013, I was in an informal figure drawing group in Ithaca, NY.  Here are some of my favorite selections from that time.

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