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Digging for Treasure Mural

From April 13th through April 24th, 2015, I had a mural on the wall of SFAI's Quad.  This is a wall that gets painted over with new murals every few weeks, so I've always wondered how thick the paint is.  What would a cross-section of the wall look like?  I knew some of my classmates who had done murals on this site, could I reveal parts of those artworks once again? Sanding down the wall might be akin to digging for treasure.  All the open spaces of the treasure chests pictured are exposed sanded areas of the wall.   The base color is a sandy orange-yellow like a cartoon beach, as if I had followed a treasure map and dug up the sand.  Yet the placement and perspectival rendering of the chests are arbitrary and a bit inconsistent.  It is like a dousing rod:  no matter where I dig/sand, I will find something that could be treasure.  I am also excited by the paradox of this project:  digging for  treasure also causes its destruction.  

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